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Nutritionista for Business

Connect with new local customers

We help businesses like yours get new clients in your area and become local favorites. Nutritionista is an easy way to increase your revenue and expand  client base. With the help of our app hundreds of people will discover your restaurant. More profit, less loss. 

More and more people are striving to eat healthier food. More than 80% of consumers are overweight, suffer from diabetes and allergies. They resort to different diets, do calorie count and rarely go to restaurants. Based on a personalized plan, our app will recommend users the most suitable dishes from nearby restaurants. The app shows your menu and recommends how clients can find your restaurant or order delivery via third party services that you work with. The clients can now eat their favorite food at their favorite restaurant and be healthy.

Partner with Nutritionista and do more for your restaurant


Start new growth

Thousands of Nutritionista app users can look for food in your area. If you work with Nutritionista and add your restaurant to our platform, you will be able to reach those clients.


Enhance your digital presence

Let your digital display make the best impression. Your restaurant will receive the best visual presentation, including your menu and information about the macronutrients, to catch user attention.


Find new loyal clients

Expand your sales and become a favorite, get onto recommended list as people are looking for a restaurant. Clients come to us, we introduce you to clients.


Nutrition transparency made easy

Reach a new level of nutrition transparency. Let the clients find the best dish for them and view the information on macronutrients. This way you will comply with the FDA requirement for nutrition information labeling.

3 simple steps to get started

1. Tell us about your restaurant

Register in our system and send a general view picture, you address and exact location.

2. Upload your menu

Send us your restaurant menu and nutrition info for the menu items in any format (excel file, text document, picture of your paper menu).

3. Reach new customers

We will add your menu and restaurant info to our mobile app and use the AI to recommend it to your customers.

Ready to join the 1,500+ restaurants already on Nutritionista?

No contracts. No obligations.

Start any time without extra money or equipment. Quit or terminate at any moment. Join the 1,500+ businesses already on Nutritionista.

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