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6 ways to walk 10 000 steps daily

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I’ve always been sceptical on all those “10K steps daily” before I’ve seen the real statistics - the average person is walking not more than 5K steps per day. Let’s take the average NEAT rate, below average fitness level (for instance, an ordinary client can squad with 20-30 kg weights) and we’ll receive 1500kcal for weight gain.  

Increase the NEAT is much easier than improve fitness level. And walking is the easiest way to increase the NEAT.

Park your car far from your workplace. Additional benefit: the increased distance to your office will provide you with fewer neighbours. Fewer neighbours - a lower possibility that somebody would scratch your car. Scroll photos to see examples! Moreover, the bigger the distance - the more steps you need to walk.

Use the stairs. Even if you are living on the 20th floor, it’s not a problem to find other stairs around - do not use escalators in shopping malls or use the stairs in your office. 

Get up every 50-60 minutes. Once-upon a time in the office, I’ve created such a rule - 15 minutes of active rest after every 45 minutes of a desk job. Go out to walk and your working results will increase even better than the NEAT level. 

In case it’s impossible to walk outdoors, use a stepper - 5 minutes of walk per 55 minutes of work. Unbelievable, but it’s 60 minutes of 8-hour workday.

Try to walk faster. The results of 100 steps of 4 km/hour speed and 100 steps on 5 km/hour will differ dramatically.

Go out of the public transport one stop earlier. But honestly, it’s almost impossible to do with kids :)

However, all these methods are adding to the main source of your weight loss - the calorie deficit. Furthermore, it won’t beat the effectiveness of the strength rate increase. Thus, it is no need to put all the sources on 1 extra thousand steps. 

As for me, the best methods don’t need complete changes in the lifestyle. For instance, use stairs instead elevator won’t change your day at all, but 20-minutes run - it’s the other story.


  • Monitor your average number of steps this week

  • Choose 2 variants: parking and stairs

  • Monitor the average number of steps next week

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