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A world where food is nourishment, not punishment

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I’m a technology entrepreneur with a passion for nutrition and healthy lifestyle. My philosophy in nutrition is quite simple. Healthy doesn’t have to be hard! I don’t believe in good or bad foods, just in foods that are better for you than others, and in those that we should consume more of. Honestly, I believe that all foods can fit into a well balanced habit. It is just learning about that balance that is most important.

I love to eat. I mean really love it. Freshly baked bread. Creamy, soft, cheese. A red, ripe tomato. As a foodie, and an anti-diet dietitian, I believe that diet should be defined by what you eat — not by what you can’t.

I have a strong belief that we put into our bodies directly affects our mood, thoughts, focus, and energy level. Nourishing our bodies with the right foods can prevent health issues and allow us to live up to our highest potential. My motto — “Eat what you love and still lose weight”.

That’s why we created the Nutritionista App. We believe that a scientific approach to dieting, powered by this useful app, can greatly improve the health of our clients. Nutritionista automatically counts calories when you eat out. From the beginning, we created the product for ourselves, and then thought that our product would appeal to “MyFitnessPal” and “Lose It!” clients who feel pain with huge calorie counting. With Nutritionista we’re building a platform that will help you to find favorite food at your favorite restaurants by knowing how many calories & macros are in what you are choosing to eat.

I have a dream. That we live in a world where we instinctively know how to rebalance ourselves with food, nutrients and movement. A world where food is nourishment, not punishment.

Our vision now is to create a healthier country and planet. So don’t be shy: try Nutritionista, enjoy food tracking & start living a healthier life today.

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