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Avoiding fats. Is it really needed?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Classic healthy eating approach tells us that foods high in fats are not healthy. For healthy lifestyle newcomers, it is rational - cut fat in your diet to lose body fat.

But for experienced healthy lifestylers, the situation is much more difficult than it appears to be. We are dividing fats on “good” and “bad” ones. Plant fats - good, animal fats - bad.

While beginners avoid fats in order to lose weight, the experienced healthy eaters are avoiding only animal fats, because they can cause diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Utterly, fats are bad because:

Leads to the body fat gain.

Increases risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Stalemate situation, but we’ll try to bring the light on it!

Is it reasonable to cut fats in the diet for weight loss? Obviously. Fats is 9 kcal per gram. So, if your meal plan consisted of sausages, super-tasty ribs, burgers and doughnuts, you will cut the calorage of your meals right after excluding all those fatty foods. And probably you will start losing weight.

Does it mean that these particular products are your main obstacle in the weight loss path? No! In case you will monitor the calorage of your meals, you can eat whatever you want.

Moreover, we should always remember that fats are needed for our body to work properly. 1gr of fats per 1kg of body mass. Women can consume even more. Okay, experienced healthy lifestylers understand that fats should be in the proper diet and consume nuts and avocados, yep because salmon every day is expensive just a bit.

Is it true that animal fats cause serious health issues? Really, I’m on the junk-food side, but if somebody will provide proofs that taсos will cause heart failure, I’ll definitely cut taco consuming.

We have 2 arguments here - mild and super-strong.

The first one. Evolutionary. Human beings are omnivorous. We have the relevant jew and GI structure. There can be tons of arguments towards a vegan diet, but we are built differently. Any argument will beat the fact that homo sapiens is omnivorous. We are created to digest meat even the raw one, in other cases, we would die as biological kind much earlier than this discussion starts.

Second argument. Scientifical. Remembering data on animal fats from «Intake of saturated and trans-unsaturated fatty acids and risk of all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes: systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies», 41 research was shortlisted out of 20,413 researches. Results: the animal fats intake is not associated with death rate, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes B.

Honestly, I haven’t read every page of every research, but I’ll assume that all the conclusions are based on adequate fat intake. In case, you will increase the intake of fats to 5 grams per kilo, the result will be completely different.

Ribs and beer dinner today! Stay fit and healthy, anyway!

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