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Body for life

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Almost all want a lean muscular body for entire life. But not everyone knows, what conditions can ensure that. There are 3 core variants:

Body after several months of work for a week only.

Body after several months of work for the entire life.

Body after several years of work for the entire life.

Surely, the 1st variant is not interesting to you. Seems, that the second one is an ideal variant, while the 3rd is likely to be the odd one :) 

1 variant, the easiest: non-carb diet, calorie deficit. Standard shredding. The result will be visible after several months (if the body weight is normal). But right after shredding every single portion of carbs will be stored in your body. 

Yes, it’s the situation where a tiny increase of the calorage leads to the 1-2 kilos weight leap. Bad variant. Don’t try it.

The 2nd variant is the most attractive one until we start to look into the process mechanics. It’s the same that the first variant, but your shredding never ends. You need to live on 1000-1200 kcal a day and 4-5 workouts a week to maintain your weight. Shredded abs and no muscle mass - the perspective of such a diet. 

Most fitness models posting lean abs all the time use the scheme #2 and their audience completely agree - don’t eat and perfect body will be yours.

The problem is that it can’t be called the lifestyle - it’s a self-destructive method. This scheme has 2 outcomes: severe eating disorders or ( better variant) - complete changes of lifestyle with the motto “everything is done, it’s enough for me” (usually it’s hidden tiredness”. 

Look closely on adequate fitness models- all of them regularly change mass gain and weight loss cycles. Nobody maintains the competition body image all year. 

@sandraprikker can be taken as an example - muscle mass + adequate percentage of the body fat. During shredding- 6 pack abs and all those “cookies”. Look on her photos now - she’s not shredded, surely, her muscles are visible just because they are present!

Or @jamieeasonmiddleton - she doesn’t compete anymore. 

Nobody maintains competition form for years! 

And the 3rd variant. Task - to do everything to get muscles visible with a normal percentage of the body fat. It can be done only by the growth of muscle mass. It’s not the fast process, cause muscles don’t grow overnight, especially after the first 2-3 years of working out. Moreover, there is a need to maintain an adequate amount of body fat. Long, steady method - 2-3 years minimum! 

But this body leaves with you for an entire life, not at the price of your health. It worth that work!

The hardest are the first 1-2 years (depends on your weight). At first, you are losing weight to become “normal”, then your progress stops for several years. And only then the muscles became visible. The time is what you need to gain muscle mass and make your effort visible to everyone! 

Have a nice day! 

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