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Breakdowns. Main reason

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

The reason for diet breakdowns has always been here - not enough calories for normal living. It’s not about food choice or fat/carbs/protein proportions, you just don’t consume enough food. 

Obviously, eating 1200 Kcas from fresh veggies, rice and meat, you will feel fuller than eating the same 1200 Kcals from yoghurts, sausages and doughnuts.  

But not enough means not enough, despite how full you think you are.

A simple parallel:

Imagine that you need 1500$ monthly - rent, utilities, internet, food and going out. While you’ve been earning 1500$ - 1700$ everything was pretty good. But your salary rapidly drops to 1000$, but the spendings are the same. You can cut your expenses on the internet, going out, move to a smaller flat. But you will be forced to pay rent and buy food to live. 

You can be motivated as a daemon, every morning talk with the mirror: “Baby, you are so successful”, but in case you need 1500$ and receive 1000$ - your motivation won’t work. Solutions should be radical - change job, move to another state, etc. 

Weight loss works the same.

Breakdowns are present in your life because you don’t eat. 

Start eating normally and there won’t be breakdowns. 

Once more! In most cases, breakdowns are not a problem of choice or priorities, it’s a situation when you don’t have enough food to maintain your daily routine.

A hungry woman won’t listen about the benefits of a healthy body - she needs to eat first.

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