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Breakdowns pyramid

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Diet breakdowns show the correlation with:

  • Sleep⠀

  • Calories

  • Cardio workouts

  • Strength workouts⠀

  • Consumer basket

  • Fat\carbohydrate intake

1. Sleep - essential part. You can maintain an ideal workout and meal schedule, but only one sleepless night can move you in front of your fridge with an eternal problem: to eat or not to eat.

2. Calories - the second meaningful factor. You can eat healthy food only, struggle from panic attacks seeing carbohydrates, cultivate tons of salad, but if you have a calorie deficit, you will definitely want to eat. In case of a big deficit, you will face diet breakdowns even without any workouts.⠀

3. Cardio. A high amount of cardio workouts leads to the growth of cortisol rate in your body resulting in gratin-leptin level deviation. Breakdowns are guaranteed.

4. Strength workouts. The same mechanism as above, but receive similar to cardio load is much harder. But a high amount of strength workouts would result in the breakdown, it’s for sure.

5. Consumer basket. Scarce food will lead to the diet breakdowns even is there is no calorie deficit. 1001 recipe of chicken breast is cool, but there is plenty of other food, really!

6. Fat\carbohydrate intake - not as meaningful as other parameters, but you should notice it. Some people live for years on Keto, LCHF, high protein diet, Mediterranean diet, etc, but changes in fat\carbohydrate intake can have an individual effect. For instance, high intake of fats can boost the calorie consumption for some individuals and slow down metabolism for others.

Thus, all you need to do to avoid diet breakdowns: sleep more, eat more, workout moderately, give yourself adaptation time and enjoy your life.

What is your’s breakdown factor, by the way?

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