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Can’t lose weight? These secrets will help you!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Weight loss is usually associated with restrictions - no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol, and tons of other no-nos. People eager to lose several pounds before New Year’s party are trying all kinds of diets published on Instagram. They are buying expensive meal plans and starving themselves. But the mission to get lean is always failed. 

Maybe, you think that you are genetically predisposed to being overweight, or it’s your curse not to be able to lose fat. But the reality is different: weight loss can be easy and comfortable when approached scientifically and systematically. It’s not a joke. The world of bodybuilding is the main proof for it - millions of males and females of all ages and body constitution are using the same simple principles to manipulate their body composition. And it’s not a pharma-industry make them fit. There are several secrets you need to know!

- A calorie is an energy you need to burn.

One of the most popular diet myths is that the weight loss process differs for every single organism. However, in fact, there is only 1 rule for everyone: TO LOSE WEIGHT, YOU NEED TO EXPEND MORE CALORIES THAN CONSUME. 

The body fat is nothing more than the energy stored as the body doesn’t need it. Why? Because it receives all the needed energy from food. Thus, to lose weight you don’t need just to eat less, you need to ensure that you are eating less than you expend. And the only way to track is counting calories.

- Every single meal should be tracked

Yes, even a small latte on your way home makes the difference. It takes only several seconds to put down the data into your app, but you will be sure that your data is as accurate as possible. Moreover, calorie counting is just a skill that can be trained. It is the same as storing your bills, calculating expenses or monitoring your health state. 

Of course, most of the applications can't track calories in restaurant meals. Thus, I strongly recommend using the Nutritionista app for that purpose. 2 little steps to enjoy your food - find a place to eat and choose the meal, could ease your weight loss process. Moreover, this application will show you 1000+ nutrition tips to keep up with your caloric goal.

- You should love what you eat.

Calorie tracking is not enough for a successful weight loss. To avoid breakdowns you don’t need to clear your kitchen of all non-dietic foods and cook only low-carb, fat-free and sugarless meals. At first, most of the foods claimed “unhealthy” is healthy in fact when eaten in moderation. Moreover, recent studies say that people who rated their meals highly enjoyable can easily keep up with caloric goals and calorie counting for them is a sort of a game. While people eating only diet food says that calorie counting is nothing than a tiring routine. Guess who succeed in their weight loss game?

Calorie counting is nothing special, but once more: you need to understand what the calorie is (there are no empty calories - every food has its caloric weight!); you need to track everything you eat (Nutritionista will help you, I promise); and you need to enjoy the food you eat. 

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