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Fat burners: a true helper or a false friend

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

🚨Spoiler alert: Fat burners  - a myth!

I’m not so good at clinical pharmacology to state that there are no fat burners, but in the world of Healthcare and OTC products fat burners do not exist. It means that you can’t buy a drug with fat acids acidification properties.

So what is sold inside the bottle named fat burners? The combination of hunger-blockers and energetics. Caffeine, taurine and light stimulants like green tea. In complex, such a mix increase the amount of energy during a workout, increasing the workout volume, and lowers the hunger, which helps to maintain the calorie deficit.

Perfect result? NO! The result is awful.

Just imagine that you have broken your arm -  an open fracture, the bone is hardly visible due to the amount of blood. And instead of going to the hospital, you are scrolling down your Instagram in order to find the perfect recipe to fix the arm. And the recipe is here - one of the insta-role models says that mushroom powder would definitely help you. Several clicks, 1 credit card -  and FedEx-courier with a tiny box is near your house - the arm is saved. You open the box, eat mushroom powder and - magic, you do not feel the pain anymore!

You’ve started typing the 5-star review, but... Just in several hours, your pain came back with gangrene! And... you are running to hostital - no mushrooms anymore!

Hunger-blocker is the most dangerous BAD, which can be found on the market. It’s not a direct danger, but the strategic one. In case you have a serious calorie deficit that is hard to handle without hunger-blocker, you are in the wrong way. And your diet is already misdesigned - you aren’t receiving enough calories and macronutrients to maintain the normal recovery speed, just add high-volume workouts and you will receive chronic exhaustion.

Even if you survived through this fat-burning process, you will overeat after your “diet” ends. It is known that the gun will always shoot - the hunger is your gun, it can be covered with the blanket of hunger-blockers, but it will definitely shoot once.

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