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Flexible dieting

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Moreover, usually, there won’t be a difference at all!

But we need to understand that my approach to eating is not “let’s eat everything in the fridge and one cookie more”! We have our optimal calorage, which depends on our weight, height, activity, workouts and how long we are dieting.

We have the fat/carbs/protein rate aims. Usually, it’s 1.6-1.8 gr of protein, 1 gram of fat and the rest should be carbs. In 99% of cases, our goal is to match our meals with fat/carbs/protein rate. It’s not so easy in case we eager to take daily calorage from cakes. 

Actually, it’s impossible if you want to eat sweets only.

A simple example:

I have a doughnut for breakfast. The doughnut weights 120 grams and supplies 460 kcals, 20 grams of it goes into fat, 64 - carbs.

Averagely, I have a pool of 100 grams of fat and 215 - carbs (during weight loss). In result, to receive a normal amount of fat/carbs/protein I need to correct my diet. I’ll cut cards in the evening. Thank God for sushi  - carb meal, but there's a too small amount of rice, so I can eat them for dinner :) 

I need to take a protein supplement to receive the needed amount of protein. Or I can grill a steak, cause kiddos asked me for that :)

My lunch will be soup with meat instead of a fully-fledged dish with meat and garnish.

Is it an optimal meal plan? No! Definitely, I’m not eating like this everyday, cause it leads to a breakdown only, but several times a week - not a big problem. Moreover, it’s a good example that you can easily manipulate with foods in your meal plan to receive your fat/carbs/protein norm without eating monotonous.  

But you need to understand: the fewer calories - the harder is to include sweets in the diet. Thus, at first, give up your diet and start reverse dieting - you will receive more calories. 

The main events are:

Sweets in the diet don’t mean that there won’t be results;

Absence of sweets in the diet doesn’t mean that there will be results;

fat/carbs/protein norm can be maintained not by #healthy products or overeaten with super-healthy ones. 

Don’t try to add sweets into the diet in a rush. In the case, 50% of meals are sweets, any norms can be maintained - you will feel hungry all the time. Everything has its limits - your goal is to know them and to work with them wisely.

We need to deal with the thought that our body is not the magic box consuming food and creating fat - it’s a well-built organism, it will reward you for hard work and understanding of processes in it.

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