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Healthy lifestyle. Healthy is not always healthy.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Biases in eating perception can lead to more disastrous results than the choice of the worst foods ever. Mental illnesses are more difficult to overcome than digestive ones. 

Beginners in the healthy lifestyle face the following problems:

- Fear of fats. We are struggling to lose weight, which means that fat is the only evil in the world, conclusion? Eat fewer fats. As a result, there are plenty of problems caused by the lack of fats in our meals, including hormonal imbalance. Note: we need 1 gram of fat per 1 kilogram of body mass, not less!

- Fear of animal fats. See the previous post. Briefly, animal fats are as good as plant ones, don’t worry!

Fear of carbs. The classical approach to healthy lifestyle recommends exclude or significantly cut carbs. In case the trainer provides you with a 1000kcal meal plan, it’s not surprising that there is no place for carbs in it. Moreover, carbs are the easiest way to create a calorie deficit.

- Fear of fast carbs - sugar/fructose. Sugar, or the so-called “white death”, is always connected with the overweight epidemics. Obviously, it’s easier to say that product X is responsible for all problems than analyse the whole diet.

- Fear of high GI. It correlates directly with the previous point. Utterly, it is related to misunderstanding of the body energy balance. I’ll post about balance this week!

People fear everything - fats, carbs, sugar. Only protein remains untouchable. Oh, wait, protein is not for vegetarians and vegans. 

Thus, we face the situation that all foods are prohibited. Really strange - fats - banned, sweets - dangerous, carbs - only in the mornings, workouts - not less than every day. 

As a result, we receive the phantasmagoric perception of fitness - the world, where you shouldn’t eat, but should train till the last drop of blood. And this perception is more expensive to treat than those 2-4-6 kilos you want to lose. 

Fear of food always leads to weight gain. There are no exceptions because breakdowns are already programmed in your brain.

As for me, the following scheme is the optimal one:

  • You can eat everything, but with limits.

  • Limits are daily macronutrients intake. Thus, different people have different limits. For instance, I have clients losing weight on 2200kcal daily and those who can’t lose weight consuming only 1600.

  • 3 workouts per week, 5 exercises per workout.

That’s all! Your health is more expensive than you think!

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