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How fast can you lose weight?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I often have to encounter with a desire to lose weight fast and even faster. Let’s say, “6 kg just in 2 months”. I strongly suspect that this thought is disturbing not only minds of the coaches, far from even a minute knowledge of mathematics, but also the teens struggle to lose weight faster, higher and stronger! I mean, lose more in shorter time with higher effectiveness. There is no any troubles with the first two options: a cyclic weight loss is a rule among beginners. You lost 6 kilos, then gained 7 kilos – hurray! Now, let’s go over all that again!

Let’s get back now to wonder figures for young slimmers.

The weight loss recommendations do exist, surprise, surprise! The WHO recommends to lose about 3 kilos in a month. Few people understand that this means “no more than 3 kilos per month”. The norm like “1 kilo weight lose per month is life-threatening” doesn’t exist – and thus the WHO is pretty happy with it. Now let's do some arithmetic. To get rid of 1 kg of subcutaneous fat, you need about 7,500 cal.

This makes 250 cal deficit per day. If you want more, let’s say, 2 kg loss of subcutaneous fat, then minus 500 cal per day. All in all, we’ll have about three kilograms of weight loss per month, thus along with the fat, muscles and water will go away, too. If you scale up to 500 cal deficit per day, then… well, then you are playing a hard ball!

Take the girl who lives on 1600 cal per day. If you check on the women's slimming societies, you’ll see that many strive on even less. We make a deficit of 500 cal and get 1100 cal per day. Welcome in, amenorrhea! Sorry, 99% of coaches keep it silent. Of course, I understand that most men are in a dead faint when it comes for hygienic pads, but what makes women speechless is a mystery for me.

To have a healthy period, you need about 30 cal per kg of dry mass. For a girl, who weighs 60 kg and has 20% subcutaneous fat, that makes about 1200-1400 cal. I believe that these figures are still too low, thus recommendation is to keep it no less than 1500 cal. Okay, we got it: the deficit is not so easy to do. What shall we do then? A lot of cardio or a lot of time.

A lot of cardio is a number one option of the fitness of 90s. Calories are burnt fast and ass grows even faster! Because in the long run, intense cardio leads to even more intense food bender. I’ll do some more writing on cardio and hormones later. Time is our option, then. You reduce the speed of losing weight and get a comfortable number of calories, no cardio and low speed of losing weight. Surprisingly, this will do for many of us, because the adult’s life doesn’t only go around the weight loss. There is also a career, responsibilities and duties. And nobody is interested in your desperate “I need to lose weight” and “I can’t live in this body”.

Well, if you think that everything, including your family, should go around your butt’s size, then having a family isn’t on time for you. Want to lose weight, then do it. But be wise and do no harm to the other spheres of your life. Therefore, if you have few calories at the start, then your only way is to be patient and go to your aim slowly and successfully. In a year time. That’s all with wonder figures for now!

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