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How to lose weight at a desk job?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Are you constantly looking for excuses such as I will never be fit because of my desk job?

Weight loss = calorie deficit.

The calorie deficit can be created both by the deficit itself and growth of the physical activity. Active job is only one of the dozens of ways to boost your physical activity. For example, you can:

  • Eat less. 100% effective!

  • Love yourself and start losing weight slowly and steadily.

  • Progress in muscle workouts. Muscle mass growth can help you to accept your weight and stop the crazy run for numbers on your digital weights.

  • Active weekends. Spent several thousands of calories during weekends.

  • Walk the neighbour's dog. Or the neighbour if you like him;) ⠀

  • Get up 1 hour earlier to torture the stepper. And your neighbour, it’s for sure, so forget about borrowing the dog once more.

These 6 variants don’t include active job. For the rapid and safe weight loss only 2 things are needed:

  • Start with many calories.

  • Quite high strength rate.

Other cases would bring only hunger and muscle pain due to the high load. Is it what you want? Just slow your weight loss down - there are no miracles!

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