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  • Cecilia Rockford

Result where are you?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

When does the progress come? Sometimes seems that everyone is losing weight and only you are staying on the starting point. The wrong impression, cause you can think that you are doing something wrong. 

There are 2 outcomes:

- I’m eating too much.

- I’m working out not enough for the progress.

Both outcomes lead to overtraining, under-resting and break downs. 

There are 3 types of weight watchers:

  • First, “upper-class”. People with good results. Usually, they’re not involved into long-term low-calorie dieting (short-term hasn’t much impact), they’re in healthy weight (even if they aren’t thin), they’re consuming enough calories, they haven’t lost muscle mass and can maintain a good level in strength training. Often, they are before their 30s or 40s sometimes. This category shows male prevalence because they consume enough calories by default, moreover, they are genetically predisposed to strength training. 

  • The second one, “middle-class”. People with certain progress, but not clearly visible. For instance, 1 month - minus 1 kilo, the second month - weight is stable, but they started wearing smaller jeans. Strength training is on an adequate level. Female prevalence- only those without severe dieting during puberty. 

  • The third group, «I’m a loser». Low-calorie dieting in anamnesis (from 13 years), low-calorie meal plan, weak strength indicators (long-term calorie deficit lead to muscle mass loss). The group consists of overweight females mainly.

Note, the goals for the one group DOESN’T correspond to the goals of another. 

If being in the first group, you can start with the calorie deficit and strength training to lose weight, in the second group you haven’t enough calories for the deficit and you can try to maintain the current calorage with reverse dieting and add strength training for weight loss.

In case you are in the third group, your main task is reverse dieting. Because there are no plan-B to lose your weight. Reverse dieting can last 5-9-12 months, depending on the individual situation. It’s OK. At first, you need to normalize your eating habits, obtain enough level of strength training and only then you can start losing weight.

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