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The 4 most commonly believed fitness myths

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Today I’ll join the “Mythbusters” team!

All the written below is not for the faint-hearted, so forgive me, please.

Let’s begin!

Myth 1.

Physical activity = lean body.

This myth is actively supported by the food industry. It is profitable to encourage you to eat more without thinking about food quality. It is profitable to inculcate the thought that sport is essential for getting lean whatever food you eat. Just look through the list of official sponsors of the Olympic games - fast food brands are definitely among them!

Physical activity is a good and healthy thing, but weight loss is not about doing sports, it’s about daily calorie deficit. It means that you will lose your weight only if you spend more energy than consume. This principle is the first and a giant step towards controlling amount of the body-fat.

Myth 2.

Crunches (ABS exercises) burn the fat on the stomach.

If it would be true, the left hand would be leaner than the right one, you know.

It’s impossible to burn fat just on the one part of the body. It’s meaningless! We’ll talk about it later, I promise. When you are doing ABS workout - you are making your abdominal muscles stronger, not leaner!

Myth 3.

Doing lateral slopes can make the waist thinner. One more lie! Lateral slopes with weights will make your waist only wider. So, you can forget about the “tender” silhouette. However, mistakenly it is one of the most favourite “female” exercises all over the world. Women repeat each other moves without thinking is it really effective or not.

Stop doing this exercise immediately - it is impossible to get your waist back after it! However, there is one exception - strong\powerlifting competitions. For such competitions lateral stabilizers are crucial. If powerlifting is not your aim, don’t do this move even if somebody strongly recommends it.

Myth 4.

Diet = hunger

Too many lies! Starvation during dieting is prohibited! Starving, you lose the glycogen in your muscles at first than muscles, fat goes the last.

Body-fat is the most valuable resource as it contains twice more calories per gram than muscles. When your body will start losing fat during starvation, your metabolism will slow down, the nervous system will be depleted and you will definitely give up your “diet” to eat everything you see. The body will store more fat because of remembering about starvation. And you will gain more body-fat than before “dieting”.


* Workout - it’s very nice, but to lose the weight calorie deficit is needed.

* The fat is burned on the whole body, making only several parts leaner - impossible.

* DON’T do lateral slopes.

* Stop starving yourself in case you want to be fit and healthy.

P.S. And small addition:

— Yoghurt and muesli - not dietetic food.

— Fruits can’t make somebody getting fit. Pineapples can’t burn the fat - it’s a myth told by pineapples sellers.

— Hula hoop - the best gift to your enemy to waste his\her time. Ok, ok, that’s enough for today!

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